Monday, June 14, 2010


Awe... isn't she sweet? I mean just rotten... The downstairs of the townhome is often a tad bit chilly in order to keep the upstairs bearable, so since I my lil' furbabies have practically no fur (ironic?) there are always an abundance of blankets for them to snuggle under. This weekend, while straightening up the living room (which really should happen multiple times a day with a dog that will chew anything) I finally realized something. I started to fold up the assorted throws that were scattered about and fluff and straighten the throw pillows... then it occurred to me that it really was pointless. I mean, if I do this, one of the dogs will inevitably sit and nudge at the stack of blankets until they tumble over or will curl up somewhere looking cold and me or the roomie will spread the blankets back out. Yes when company stops by, I'll take 5 minutes to fold up the throws and arrange the pillows (and hopefully have enough of a heads up to vacuum!). However, in the meantime, I think it's better to just let things remain comfortable. It's not that I don't appreciate an asthetic looking living room, but I also want it to be a living room that you can... LIVE in. This is also why, when you stop by, you'll notice that there is a gigantic dog bed crammed into the small space between the couch and the entertainment center. I'm the first one to admit... it looks cluttered, and I've moved it to other spots... but you see... my furbabies apparently love to snuggle in the bed, crammed securely into that tight spot. When the bed gets pulled out from the corner, they manage to drag it back... I've taken the hint... they live here too, it makes them happy, I can deal with it.