Thursday, August 21, 2008


Check out this site...

Meijer Deals $8.95 out of pocket

I had another presciption to refill, and Meijer is doing $20 for a transfer, so off to Meijer I went. Here's what I got:

Rice a Roni - 1.16
Thomas English Muffins x 2 - BOGO @ 3.99
Tony's Frozen Pizza x 3 - price drop .99
Ramen Noodles x 10 - 10/$1
Ragu Pasta Sauce x 2 - 1.49 ea sale
Shout Laundry Spray - 1.94 Sale
Pop Tarts x 2 - 1.33 ea sale
Oscar Mayer Precooked Bacon x 2 - $2 ea - price drop
Skippy Peanut Butter - $2 sale
Lowry's Marinade - $1.67 sale
Q tips Vanity Case x 2 - 2/$5 sale
Lysol Neutra Air x 5 - 5.99 sale
KY Warming Mist - $1.28 Clearance

Here's what I used:
IP (Internet Printable) for Rice A Roni - .50 doubled
$1 MFN for Thomas's English Muffins - I emailed them because I love these & they sent me some coupons!
.50 off 2 Ragu MFN from Sunday's paper - doubled
.75 off Shout MFN from recent insert
$1 off 2 Poptarts MFN from recent insert
$3 off 2 Oscar Mayer Bacon, Meijer Mealbox - this is a great deal, 2 boxes for $1 after coupon!
.40 off 1 Skippy from Sunday's paper - doubled
.50 off 1 Lowry's from Sunday's paper - doubled
.30 off 1 Qtip x 2 from Sunday's paper - doubled
$4 peelie on each of the Lysol Neutra Air - I don't think people are catching this sale, because it's half off, but the sign isn't on the shelf - but it rings up!
$2 off any KY product - gave me overage!!!
$20 off Purchase from Pharmacy

So how'd it add up????
Meijer Promotions Saving: $23.99
Non Coupon Savings: $48.96
Coupon Savings: $32.75

Total Savings was: $105.70
My Oop (out of pocket) was $8.95

Which is over 90% savings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely Free @ Rite Aid

So, I had to have a prescription refilled - Rite Aid was doing the $30 for a transfer AND we just had a new store open, so there were GRAND OPENING specials... Now technically I guess I spent the $10 on my prescription co-pay, but that was going to be bought regardless... So what else did I buy:

(4) 12 Packs of Coke Products (on sale 4/$11) - used my last FREE 12 pack Coke Reward, and 3 $1 off Coke Zero from Vocal Point

(8) 6 Packs of Sunmade Raisins (on sale for .88 ea) - used $1 off two from Sunday's paper x 4

(6) Airwich Airfreshner Sprays (on sale .59 ea) - used BOGO coupons from recent insert x 3

(1) Cotton Balls (on sale .88)

(1) Quilted Northern 4 pack double rolls (on sale 1.99)

(1) Rite Aid Baby Wipes 80 ct (on sale .99)

(2) 26 oz Motts Applesauce (on sale 2/$1)

(2) Kraft Mac N Cheese to go (on sale 2/$1)

(2) L'oreal Vive Shampoo (w/bonus package of free conditioner) (on sale BOGO) - used $1 MFN for each

The total was around $20 so I still have $10 to spend!

Small trip to Walgreens

Made a quick stop at Walgreens during lunch the other day - I must say, my faith in Walgreens is being restored - I had almost given up on shopping there. The store near my home never has what I want, the cashiers are slow, things ring up the wrong price and it takes 20 minutes to get it corrected. It was always an ordeal. I have noticed however that the Walgreens by my office is quite different. The people are friendly (the cashier was actually excited to see how much I had saved), most everything was in stock, everything was priced correctly... this is where I will be going from now on.

I spent $6.51 out of pocket on:

Dove Shampoo & Conditioner (4.99 each, BOGO @ Walgreens, minus 2 x $2 coupon from Sunday's paper)

Fiber One x 2 (1.99 @ Walgreens, had a $1 and a .70 off coupon)

Prep H Wipes (I'll be giving these away, but they were $3.99 - stack a $2 Walgreens Saver coupon with $3 IP coupon, made them free AND gave me $1 off the rest of my total)

Revlon Nail Files x 2 (1.59 @ Walgreens - less Walgreens $1 Revlon coupon found in store for each)

Soho Chocolates (Clearanced to 2.99, had a $2 off coupon)

Russel Stover Chocolates (Clearanced to 2.99, had a $2 off coupon)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday is movie night...

Redbox has their August promo code out - Free Rental tonight - Just use JK4HM5 to rent it - you can also visit their website and sign up, they'll text you the code every Wednesday (and Monday) in August

Wait for it on DVD, and only on Free Movie night

Okay, so last night I went to check out "Mirrors" - I had some free movie passes I won from the radio station and the previous for this one looked good... well... I won't spoil it for you (it will do that itself) but you know in the first 5 minutes that this is not a good movie... Why???

CHEESY Special Effects... I mean... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Cheesy... and not the good cheese... See, if I'm going to see some independent, low budget film, I expect this sorta thing... they don't have as much $$$ to spend on it... or if I'm in the mood to watch the wonderful scary movies from the 80's... or even "spoofs" of real scary movies...

But this one... released in theaters, from a major motion picture company... and the "Gore-y" scenes... SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE...

Now there are some scenes that will make you jump... it does have some moments that are suspense filled, where something jumps out when you're not expecting it... but that alone isn't worth forking over a mortgage payment (isn't that the going rate for a trip to the theater these days?) - and the ending... well. let's just say it's disappointing...

If you must see it, wait for it at a discount theater, or a matinee... or wait for the DVD and rent it for the $1

Great food & Great People

I wanted to give everyone a quick recommendation on one of Lexington's newest restaurants that I had the opportunity to check out. (And no, this isn't a paid advertisement... those of you who know me, know that if there's a new pizza place in town, I'm there!) I've been anxiously awaiting this one, since reading about them opening in the old Don Pablo's a few months ago - Don Pablo's was one of my "go-to" places for small sales meetings, looks like I might have found a good replacement.

So where did I go... Old Chicago Pizza, Bar & Grill - If you've never been to one, you'll wanna go... NOW! I stopped in this past Monday, which was opening night, after my sales meeting, since it's kinda on the way home, and met the roomie there for a quick bite...

Now, we happened to stop in at one of the busiest times... and were told we'd have a 20 minute wait or so... normally on a week night, when it's already 8 o'clock, I'd be heading somewhere else for dinner, but ah... the smell of that place... you won't mind... and in fact our wait was only 10 minutes...

Good luck trying to figure out what you want, they have a huge menu variety... and if Pizza isn't your thing, don't worry, there are plenty of other options... Dinner was great... and really affordable - We had beverages, an appetizer and 2 individual pizzas that provided left overs for the next day for right around $30 - and it was GOOD FOOD

But that's not the only reason I recommend them. I signed on to their website today, and they had a "contact us" option - so I wanted to provide feedback on our experience (which was good) - I actually got a response, from one of the local owners, just a few hours after sending in my feedback, thanking me for my comments and asking for some clarification... this was a welcome change from those canned "auto-replys" that you usually get - he seemed genuinely happy for the feedback and welcomed my additional responses.

So if you're in the Hamburg area, or heck even if you're not, it's worth the drive, check them out... Happy Hour starts back up at 10PM... and call me... i'll come too!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are you a bit lost?

Okay, so I've heard through the grapevine that I have a few Lexi-tonians out there who are reading my blog... and want to be able to take advantage of some of the great deals that I pick up, but feel a bit overwhelmed...

Now first I should say, I've been doing this bargain shopping thing, to some extent for my entire adult life! (and I'm old, hehehe) so it's almost second nature to me... but I've spent the past several years honing my skills into the finely tuned bargain power shopper that you see in these blogs... This whole "bargain shopping" concept has gotten ALOT easier in recent years, with more & more internet availability, making much less work for the average shopper.

If you're new to this, it can seem a bit overwhelming... there are terms you aren't familiar with, secret sales, coupon tricks, etc - As a beginner, you may not know where to start... I'm here to help... Recently I've had more than one friend suggest that I should figure out how to do this for a living... and well, I'll be posting another blog soon about a recent ephiphany that I've had career wise, but I have decided to start as a little side business some frugal education...

Now if you search online, you'll see plenty of E-Books, real books, classes, seminars, subscription services that you can buy... Some of them are useful, others not so much... I'm not going to claim that I can outshop the likes of MoneySavingMom or the like... but I am pretty good at what I do! So here is what I am offering -

If you want my help in getting started, understanding, making sense of all this - I'm available. I'm starting out with a very affordable cost of $10 for one hour of individual, personalized, instructional & informative coupon/shopping/budgeting advice. This will be tailored to you specifically based on what you want to learn, become more familiar with, etc. If you want to know what I can accomplish in an hour, you can click here to read about her CVS adventure. Now my trip with Misha was a practical application, what I envision you will learn the most from, isn't neccesarily the shopping trip, but rather an hour of helping you at home, familiarizing yourself with how to prepare for a trip... (i.e. what sites to visit, where to get coupons, how to plan, etc) If you are interested in combining that hour with an accompanied shopping trip as well, you can receive that service at a discounted rate.

So why am I charging $10 - if you compare this to the cost of many seminars & the like, you will find it is extremely discounted, considering this is a one on one education for you. I am just getting started into this little side venture, so I'm starting out at a low price, because your word of mouth advertising on how easy it is and how helpful I was will help me turn this into what I am envisioning.

So that's it... If you're interested, let me know!

Some great give aways going on!

There are some great give aways going on this week from various bloggers! Just take a look at what you can win:

Jenna over @ Newlyweds is giving away $25 Giftcard to CVS - you know how many shopping trips this could fund??? For you die hards... this is like a year of CVS'ing! LOL! Click Here to read all about it!

Merrimom is giving away a bundle of coupons for FREE products!! These are the coupons from the current ALL YOU magazine... Click Here to check it out!

Frugal in Virginia has a $160 face value coupon bundle up for grabs. Click Here to get in on this one!

Frugal Mommy is going to be giving away some Garnier Nutriste products! You get 3 Microbead Scrubs, click here if you want to find out how!

Ah the life of the non-couponer

I was directed to this blog through MoneysavingMom... It's a pretty humorous take on the whole bargain shopping from the perspective of a husband of a "Frugal"... You can click here to check it out.

I must say, I really got a laugh out of it... and I'm sure my room mate can relate... He doesn't mind the free stuff that I score, but I'm waiting for him to snap the next time I bring in more toothpaste, It looks like I might be building a fort!

Good Night All

Monday, August 18, 2008

Not free, but a good deal

I made a stop at my local Half Priced Bookstore - this is a great store that for some reason I always forget about. I ended up buying 5 books for $13.48 - Good deal for some great entertainment. I do try to frequent the library, but the one book I picked up is on hold at the library with a very long waiting list... so this seemed a better option for me! For me, getting lost in a book is one of the best possible forms of entertainment... I mean, I get absorbed into them, and lost track of time, I become oblivious to the world around me. I am trying to keep up the habit, it's easy when times are busy, to not find the time to read... but it is the ultimate in stress reduction and relaxation for me... Here's what I bought

$7.48 - Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister - This is by the same author who wrote Wicked, which I loved!

$1 - Check, Please! Dating, Mating & Extricating - This is by Janice Dickinson, I figured it would be entertaining

$1 - Enemy Women - It looks similiar to a prairie book(I have a thing for prairies you know)

$1 - Running with Scissors - It looked interesting

$2 - Harry Potter - This is the first of the series, yes, I'm slow jumping on the bandwagon!

Let's go Krogering!

So after my early morning outting to Meijer, I came home and had my usual Sunday morning ritual of clipping coupons while catching up on DVR. I decided to make a quick run to Kroger, since I was going to be checking on a friend's cat, and would be in the area.

Here's what I picked up:

Cheerios - on sale for $2

Post Raisin Bran - $2.69

Bounty Basic Paper Towles - on sale $1

Sarah Lee White Whole Grain Bread - on sale $2

4 Clearisil Products - BOGO @ $4.99 each

2 Nature Made Vitamins (Folic Acid)- BOGO $4.15 each

2 Sundown Vitamins (Garlic Supplement & Niacin) - BOGO - around $3 each

1 Sure Botanical Deoderant - $2.45

I had the following coupons:

$1 Cheerio Challenge

Free Post - Kroger mailed me

$2 off Nature Made x 2 (IP coupon)

$1 off Sundown x 2 (From the little dispenser in front of them)

$2 off Clearisil x 4 (Recent Insert)

$2 off $10 HBA from Kroger

FREE Sarah Lee Bread Coupon from Yesterday's paper

.50 off Bounty (IP coupon)

Out of Pocket - $7 and some change!

I can save more $ before 8 am than most people do all day!

LOL, ok... serioulsy... Over the years, I have learned that in the city I live in, for certain stores, if you want to take advantage of a great sale, you have to be there BEFORE it starts...

This is true for Meijer more than any other place... I can remember a few times over, when I was really low on cash and needed to stretch my $$$ - I would be there on a Saturday, for their "super saturday sale" at least an hour before it started, and would go ahead and put all the items in the cart, and wait until the sale started to check out.

So this Sunday was another one of those, I had some good coupons for the nutra air products, but knew they would go fast... So I was there, at 6:30 in the morning. I bought:

Tidy Cat Breeze Litterbox System - On Sale 25% off AND I had a $10 coupon!
4 Lysol Nutra Air Starter kits - On sale 50% off AND I had a $5 coupon for each!
2 Airwick Mini's - On sale 50% off AND I had a $4 & $3 coupon
4 Boxes of Assorted Eggos - On sale $1.15 a box AND I had coupons for $1 off each 2

Grand total for my shopping trip was $27 - which may seem like alot, but is less than the cost of the litter box system normally!
Afterwards, I stopped and picked up a couple extra papers, hit Spaldings, a local bakery that is simply amazing, and luckily wasn't lined around the block - and was home - before 8AM

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Friday, WooHoo!

So it's Friday! I am glad, as this week has seemed quite long... I'm on pet patrol this weekend. A few of my friends are going to be out of town this weekend, and I am of course honorary pet sitter for everyone, so I'll be checking on furbabies across Lexington this week! I hope to finish the chore of garage organization this weekend... that will be great to check off my list.

I guess this will be short & sweet for now, have a good weekend folks!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free food from Penn Station Subs

Click here to sign up for Penn Station sub Club & get a coupon for a free sub. This is a new one, even if you were a member of the old club, they want to give you a sub!

Saving is contagious

Okay, so many of my friends know that if something can be acquired for little or no money, I'm the one that knows how to do it. Often times I pass this info along to them.... Sometimes they use it, othertimes they don't.

Yesterday, while on the phone w/ my friend Mish, she mentioned something about going to CVS because she had a coupon from them that was soon to expire... Hearing the letters "C-V-S" my ears perked up, so I asked what coupon she had, she explained, then threw in, "Oh yeah, and I have a $5 off $25, but I can't imagine $25 worth of stuff I would need" Now for any of you CVS'ers out there... you can probably relate when I say, I was almost speechless... a $5/$25 and and you can't figure out how to use it?!?! I mean, there are people who would hunt you down for those!!!

After a couple of texts back and forth, I convice my dear friend to not go to CVS until that evening, assuring her I can help her get waaaaaaay more than she would have thought about getting.... So after work, I head over... now mind you, this girl is very new to the idea of coupons, so my "Couponizer" was probably a bit scary to look at... I had to help her set up her printer, because she had kept it in the box for months!!! So, I started looking at what coupons she had from CVS, what the sales were, and what coupons I could quickly gather online, etc... In about 30 minutes, we had our coupons, our list and were ready to go to CVS.

Now, weird as it was, I did no shopping of my own... I didn't want to get caught up in my own deals, and end up with Mish walking out with nothing but pennies in her pocket. So we quickly went through the store... It was interesting explaining to her why she getting some of the items, if you're new to CVS, "Fillers" isn't a term you're too familiar with.

So right before we get ready to check out, I quickly verify her coupons, put them in the right order, and explain the way she'll want to hand them to the cashier... We head up to check out, and the process was pretty painless. Now mind you, she didn't have many coupons herself, and no ECB's to speak of, so while this transaction may not seem outstanding to many, for her, this was quite possibly the best shopping trip ever (Her words not mine!)

We bought:

3 12-Packs of Coke (sale $10 for 3)

2 Boxes of Cheerios (sale $5 for 2)

1 Box Carefree Pantiliners (sale $2.79)

1 CVS Chapstick (.99)

2 Tubes Colgate Total (sale BOGO)

2 Johnson Buddies Soaps (.98 each)

1 Allavert (sale 5.99)

We used these coupons:

2 Colgate IP's for $1.50 each from Colgate's website

2 Cheerios IP's for $1 each from Cheerio Challenge

3 Coke IP's redeemed from Coke Rewards for $1 each

1 CVS Carefree Coupon for $2 from previous shopping trip

1 CVS Free Chapstick coupon from August promotions

1 Johnson Buddies IP for $2 off 2 from Johnson's link

1 Allavert IP for $4 off from IHEARTCVS website link

1 $5 off $25 CVS Coupon

Grand total: $8.47 - Total savings of $39.41 and she got $3 in ECB's for next time.

I didn't snap a pic of her purchases, but this pic is from as we left the store...

This was before she proceeded, while standing in the parking lot, to call everyone she could think of and tell them what a great deal she got... I think she'll be more responsive to my savings suggestions in the future!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's not easy being pink

anyone else out there reading this a "Rosacea-ian" like me? If so, curious what your current treatment is? I've been taking tetracycline for a couple years, but recently my derm switched me to Solodyn, it seems to work about the same, don't have to take it as often - of course it's more expensive... I got an instant rebate card for the first 3 refills - so I'm only paying $10 a pop, but w/out insurance it would be almost $600 a month for a bottle!!!!
Mine is pretty much under control, provided I time my dosings right, if i get that screwed up though, I flare... but my nose is still so pink... my derm has advised I'll need to do laser to correct it, since it hasn't faded on my own. Weird thing is, I've had this for years, and still can't pinpoint my triggers... I avoid the sun, because I know that is one, but alot of the normal triggers aren't affecting me, but then out of nowhere, I'll flush for no apparent reason... anyone else out there like that? Just curious...

*UPDATED*Free subscription to Glamour - Compliments of Yours Truly

CONGRATS TO JENNA over at NewlyWeds - she is the winner for this give away. Don't forget to check my blog frequently, I have more give aways coming up!!!!

Ok, so my blog is fairly new, and I would like to increase readership. So here is what I am offering. I will give away to one lucky reader a 1 year subscription to Glamour magazine. No strings attached, you don't have to sign up for anything, get any spam, or watch commercials. All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog (be sure you leave me an email address when you are posting, doesn't have to be in the post). One week from today, I will select one lucky reader. The subscription is in the form of a mail in subscription card - This means you can keep the subscription or give it as a gift to anyone you'd like. I want to clarify, this isn't a subscription card like you normally find in the magazines. This is a paid subscription card - all you have to do is complete the card and mail it in!

While you're here, feel free to browse my blog & check back often for new stuff, and new give aways!

Update from Blockbuster

I got my DVD's today! I also got a free cereal sample from Walmart. Good day for me!

Decided that since I was already going to be out at Target, I would stop at Meijer as well - they were having some good sales. Spent more than I would have anticipated, but very well stocked!

For just over $20 I bought:

10 Snapple Anti Oxidant Drinks - on sale 5 for $5 and you get 5 more free!
3 Powerade Zero - .69 sale, $1 MFN
2 Doritos - 3.79 BOGO
2 Salad Mixes - 2.79 BOGO
Cheerios - 1.67 Sale, $1 internet printable from Cheerio Challenge
2 Tony's Pizza's for one - .99 sale
2 Cheerios Snack Mix - 1.67 sale, MFN .50 doubled
2 Chex Mix - 1.67 sale, MFN .50 doubled
2 Van's Organic Waffles, Sale $2.50 each, MFN $1 off 2 from Mambo Sprouts
1 Crystal Light - 3.99, FREE w/ coupon from new edition of ALL YOU & 3 Kraft Purchases
3 Kool Aid Packets - .10 each, sale - bought because these count as my 3 Kraft Purchases!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A couple of quick deals at Target today

I actually needed contact solution, as I was out. Target had it BOGO... Figured I would grab a couple bargains while I was there:

Grand Total was $10 and some change

2 Bottles Complete Contact solution - BOGO @ 6.94 AND 2 internet printables for $2 off each

1 Tide Total Care - 5.99 Sale, w/ $1 Target coupon (was on the container) & $1 MFN

1 Scotch Fur Grabber - 9.99 w/ $4 Target web coupon (courtesy Full Cup) & $4 MFN

1 Dove Travel Beauty Bar - .97 w/ $1 MFN

Catching up - some weekend deals

This was a last minute trip to Meijer, at the end of last week. Grand total for everything was $4.50. Each item I bought was part of Meijer's 10 for $10 w/ 11th item free sale.
I bought:
Organic Mushrooms - less .50 Mealbox coupon
Aunt Millie's Bread - no coupon
Hunt's Ketchup - less .20 Manufacturer's coupon (MFN), doubled
Meijer Pasta Sauce - less .50 Mealbox coupon
4 Pillsbury Frostings - less .40 MFN each, doubled
2 Arm & Hammer Carpet Fresh - less $1 internet printable coupon
Meijer Brand Popsicles - no coupon
Rice Roni - less .50 internet printable, doubled

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Practically Free Movies from Blockbuster!

I ran across this at Click here to read the full post

So, Blockbuster is giving you a $10 Credit on $10 or more purchase. You don't have to be a member of Blockbuster Online to qualify. You just visit their website, and click on "Buy" - and pick out the movies you want, and when you check out, you can apply the promotional code. You don't see the actual discount until after you've entered your billing info, etc... but you will be able to verify that it was taken off before you process your card. Now you may wonder about shipping charges... as long as you are purchasing previously rented DVD's, shipping is free!

I got 3 movies:

The Omen (the 2006 remake) for 3.99
The Messeners for 3.99
Starsky and Hutch for 4.49

after tax and discount, I paid just $2.62 for my movies!

So... how do you get them, just use this promo code "augappreciation"

The offer is supposed to be good for the month of August, but I'd go early, these sometimes get pulled.

Let me know what you buy!

Free Movie Rental for Today

Looks like Red Box is back to sending out Wednesday movie codes too! I got a text this morning, so if you want to get a free movie tonight, just rent with this code:

Don't forget, this code expires at Midnight tonight, so you have to use it today if you want one!
Let me know what you rented and if it was any good, I've been on a movie binge lately

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm on a movie marathon I guess

So lately it seems I've been watching a TON of movies. Saturday I saw both the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight" and the new X-Files Movie "X-Files I want to believe" On Sunday, I saw the new horror flick, "Midnight Meat Train" and last night, w/ my free redbox rental, I watched "Good Luck Chuck"

If you've seen any of them, feel free to share your opinion.

The Dark Knight - There were several people who brought small children to see this, I'm not sure how good of an idea that was, this is a pretty dark movie. Heath Ledger was phenomenal as the Joker, I could definitely see an Oscar nod for the role. The movie was good, but a little over hyped I think. I am interested in seeing the third one in the trilogy when it comes out, especially since it's rumored Johnny Dep will be taking on the role of the Riddler, I think he would be great.

X Files - I was an X Files fan, I loved the show, and the first movie, so I was excited to get to see another film. I am glad I saw it, but it wasn't as good as it could have been. It was a little slow at times but if you're a fan, you always look forward for the opportunity to see your favorite characters again. Unfortunately the last 15 minutes or so were very anti climatic for me, as the projector actually melted the film and had to be repaired. Afterwards the movie kept starting and stopping, so it was hard to get into the flow.

Midnight Meat Train - OMG! This movie is not for the faint... It's not so much scary... as it is GORY... and I mean GORY... from the very beginning to the very end, there is alot of blood and guts, and it's pretty graphic... I was suprised that as a new release, it was released straight to discount theaters... It wasn't the best horror movie I've seen, but I have paid more to see far worse. It was pretty good, but it will make you think twice about grabbing a hamburger afterwards.

Good Luck Chuck - Pretty good comedy, the only thing I would fault it, is that it tries to go from very raunchy humor to a happy fairy tale ending about love... and that's just a bit weird... but this one had alot of laughs...

Okay, that's all for now


Sunday, August 3, 2008

One of last weeks deals, I know, it's a bit late, but...

Here's what I picked up on Saturday at Kroger, since it was the last day of their mega event. I could have done better, but I am without a printer at the moment, so no printables!!

At Kroger, I spent just $18.51 for all of this
I'm not certain that you can see it all, but there is:
2 Boxes Rice Crispies w/ Strawberries ($1 coupon off each)
4 Refill Bottles of Lysol Cleaner ($1 coupon off each)
4 Lysol Sprays ($1 coupon off each)
1 Cole's Garlic Toast - no coupon, just needed
2 Bottles of Clorox - no coupon, filler for the mega event discount
2 Packages Ball Park Hotdogs ($1 off 2 coupon)
1 Jar Ragu Pasta Sauce no coupon, just needed
1 French's Mustard ($1 coupon)
5 Dove Ice Cream Pints ($1 coupon each)
add to that 2 $5 mega event discounts and it wasn't too bad, I'm pretty well stocked on cleaners now

Some great deals at CVS today

I was kinda bummed, thinking there wouldn't be that much in the way of ECB this week, but did pretty well once I started. I spent $2.62 OOP & still have $11.50 in ECB's

I actually did it all in one transaction supringly, normally, I would do smaller ones, but I had enough big coupons & a 10/50 from CVS.

I bought:
6 Bottles of Pert Plus Shampoo Price 3.69 each, BOGO sale from CVS = 3 x 3.69
8 Sure Deodorants Price 2.99 each, BOGO sale from CVS = 4 x 2.99
3 Crest Toothpastes Price 2.49 each
2 Colgate Toothpaste Price 2.99 each
2 Oral B Toothbrushes Price 2.49 each
5 Excederin Price 2.50 each
6 Packs Trident Extra Care gum Price 1.49 each

So after BOGO's, my total before taxes should have been around $63

Coupons used:
3 Pert BOGO (made all the shampoo free!)
3 Sure BOGO (made 6 of them free!)
2 Sure $1 off (made the last two only $1 for both)
3 Crest $0.75
2 Colgate $1.50 (sadly my last of these)
2 $1 Oral B
5 $2 Excederin
3 Trident BOGO's ( this was a last second purchase, I had to bump up my total to use by ECB's to pay)
$10/$50 CVS Coupon

Grand Total:
$2.62 OOP (also used $12 in ECB)

Total savings $110.78

Earned $11.50 in ECB from Crest/Oral B/Colgate purchases

Friday, August 1, 2008

a quick bargain from Ulta

I ran to Ulta today at lunch and spent $3.13 for $57.13 worth of cosmetics. Not too bad for a quick stop. I was only in the store about 15 minutes.

Here's how I did it:

1st Transaction:

Revlon Eye Shadow Quad x 2 @ $6.59 each
Max Factor Eye Trio x 2 @ 4.59 each

Subtotal for this transaction $22.36 plus tax
Less Revlon BOGO ($6.59)
Less Max Factor BOGO (4.59)
Less Ulta Coupon $3.50 off $10 purchase
Less Revlon $2 off any 1 Coupon x 2 ($4)
Less Max Factor $3 off any 2 Coupon ($3)

Brings us to $0.68 plus tax for a GRAND TOTAL of $0.72

2nd Transaction
Revlon Eye Shadow Quad x 2 @ $6.59 each
Max Factor Eye Trio x 4 @ 4.59 each

Subtotal for this transaction $31.54 plus tax
Less Revlon BOGO ($6.59)
Less Max Factor BOGO (4.59)
Less Ulta Coupon $3.50 off $10 purchase
Less Revlon $2 off any 1 Coupon x 2 ($4)
Less Max Factor $3 off any 2 Coupon x 2 ($6)

Brings us to $2.27 plus tax for a GRAND TOTAL of $2.41

Obviously I could have just repeated transaction 1 instead, but I had an extra Max Factor coupon and didn't need anything else there, so I rolled it into the transaction.