Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some great deals at CVS today

I was kinda bummed, thinking there wouldn't be that much in the way of ECB this week, but did pretty well once I started. I spent $2.62 OOP & still have $11.50 in ECB's

I actually did it all in one transaction supringly, normally, I would do smaller ones, but I had enough big coupons & a 10/50 from CVS.

I bought:
6 Bottles of Pert Plus Shampoo Price 3.69 each, BOGO sale from CVS = 3 x 3.69
8 Sure Deodorants Price 2.99 each, BOGO sale from CVS = 4 x 2.99
3 Crest Toothpastes Price 2.49 each
2 Colgate Toothpaste Price 2.99 each
2 Oral B Toothbrushes Price 2.49 each
5 Excederin Price 2.50 each
6 Packs Trident Extra Care gum Price 1.49 each

So after BOGO's, my total before taxes should have been around $63

Coupons used:
3 Pert BOGO (made all the shampoo free!)
3 Sure BOGO (made 6 of them free!)
2 Sure $1 off (made the last two only $1 for both)
3 Crest $0.75
2 Colgate $1.50 (sadly my last of these)
2 $1 Oral B
5 $2 Excederin
3 Trident BOGO's ( this was a last second purchase, I had to bump up my total to use by ECB's to pay)
$10/$50 CVS Coupon

Grand Total:
$2.62 OOP (also used $12 in ECB)

Total savings $110.78

Earned $11.50 in ECB from Crest/Oral B/Colgate purchases


Tara said...

Just curious...what is the advantage to doing smaller transactions?

MJ said...

Well, in many cases the advantage to running smaller transactions is that you are rolling your ECB's and spending less out of pocket.

To understand, let me make it really small scale. Like this week, Colgate Total is on sale for $2.99 w/ $2ECB after purchase. If I just buy one w/ a $1.50 coupon off, so I spend $1.50 out of pocket for it, and earn $2ECB's. Then in my next transaction, I buy a second one, so the price is still $2.99 w/ $2ECB, I use my $1.50 coupon, and then pay for it with the $2ECB I earned from the previous transaction. So I pay nothing out of pocket, and have now bought 2 tubes of toothpaste, for only the $1.50 out of pocket for the first one, and still have $2ECB for my next purchase.

Now obviously I don't recommend literally breaking down your purchase to only one item at a time, but by doing smaller transactions, you will have less out of pocket expenses on each of your transactions, kind of like recycling your ECB's.

This is usually helpful if you've depleted your stock of ECB's and are starting with only cash, and especially in cases of something that has an ECB of say, $10 - if you buy them both at once,you now have a $20ECB, which is tricky to then use the next time.

I usually try to look at how much I have in ECB's and split my purchases into 2 or 3 transactions, that way, I get the most mileage out of my ECB's. It also helps that the CVS is at the end of my street, and i drive by it every day, so I don't even have to try to squeeze them all into one day.

However, in cases like this week, I did a big transaction, because I had a $10/$50 coupon and had so many good coupons that made most of my purchases free, it made sense to get a bigger transaction to get that extra $10 off, to offset my OOP expenses.

Hope that makes sense!