Friday, September 26, 2008

It's the little things

Yesterday was a good day. Nothing spectacular happened, and that's okk. If you wait for something spectacular to make your day, you could spend much more of your life waiting around, instead of enjoying the simplest of things. Even the smallest or most random things can brighten your day, if you let them. So, here's what made me happy yesterday:

Lunch w/ the best friend - Yes, I see him everyday, but it's great to steal a few minutes with a great friend, just to help you finish out the day

Fresh Breadsticks @ Lunch - Hey, I'm easy to please! There is something to be said for hot & fresh bread, lol!

Silly Text Messages - Another acquaintance & I got into a short text discussion on some pretty absurd topics, that made me laugh so hard I was crying

Smooth commute home - I drive the interstate home most days, a day with no backups, pile ups or speed traps... is wonderful

P&G Mail - I did a survey online for P&G awhile back, and was rewarded with coupons... this was really cool, because it is the full coupon insert for October, so I can use them early!

Free Ice Cream - Stopped at Coldstone Creamery & picked up a free ice cream during their Make-A-Wish Ice Cream Social. Nutter Butter... YUMMY

Rite Aid actually had something in stock - Advil was on sale, I had a coupon, it was on the shelf... so I picked up 3 bottles of Advil for FREE... YAY ME!

Yup, all in all, not a bad day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Ice Cream & a Good Cause

Tonight is Coldstone Creamery's Make-a-Wish night. They will be giving away ice cream - in your choice of:

Jack's Creation - Marshmallow ice cream with OREO® Cookies, Chocolate Chips & Fudge
Emily's Creation - Nutter Butter® ice cream with White Chocolate Chips, Kit Kat & Yellow Cake

It's their 7th annual Ice Cream Social, from 5PM - 8PM - and donations made will benefit Make-a-Wish

So stop in and grab an ice cream & make a donation!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Check 'em out

Here are some great giveaways out there by some bloggers:

Do you need to be organized? Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls can get you started with a "Truly Mom" planner, this one is a great planner, go check it out here.

How about a free 2 year mag subscription to the greatest magazine ever? Then you'll want to check out Thrify Mama's All You giveaway

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's not over... but it's different

So, in creating my blog, I made a pretty bold statement. "It's not over after 30" And I do believe that statement wholeheartedly. I guess I forgot to give my foot that memo. About 2 years ago, being the completely put together and graceful person that I am, while attempting to be a good samaritan, I fell... not once... but twice in a matter of 60 seconds (yes, I know... this takes talent). This resulted in a very scratched cell phone, a wounded ego and unfortunately... a sprained ankle, dislocated kneecap and a broke foot! I spent months in tennis shoes (which was fate's little fashion torture for me) and made a full recovery... well as full as one can expect. Once you break something, it's never quite right.

My most recent affliction began about a month ago...I noticed that I was having some heel pain... which I have had from time to time, but this time... it just didn't go away... and there were times when the pain was excruciating... I kept thinking it would go away... (because you know that simply wishing away something is very effective, lol) but alas, last week my foot called my bluff and I was forced to bite the bullet... and call the doctor. Not just any doctor... nope, my 30 yr old foot was making me drag it to the podiatrist...

Now I'm not knocking these doctors... it's just when you walk in, and you see the display of "orthopedic shoes" you have to wonder if someone will be lurking behind the door ready to put on your medic alert bracelet and give you a Geritol chaser.

So, after a brief prodding & series of X-Rays to rule anything else out... Dr Po (as in POdiatrist) concludes that it's Plantar Facaiitis and then gives a scornful look over in the direction of my comfy Curve sandals... I guess from his tone, that "Extremely High Arches" are not as cool as they sound and am slightly disappointed when he gently points out, that I do need to remember that as we age, we have to start taking better care of ourselves and realize that we can no longer be as carefree... In short - I gather from him that 30yr olds should not be waltzing around barefoot nearly as much as I enjoy!

So I leave the doctor armed with a prescription (thinking to myself... hmmm which pharmacy can I get a GC from?), an arch binder (big ol' piece of elastic, suprisingly comfy) and a pair of inserts... feeling like Sophia from Golden Girls... and as I leave the doctor's office, I faintly hear the "flip-flop" of my youth staying behind...

I am sticking to my guns... it's not over... but it's different... and that's not always a bad thing... and at least I have my memories (for now!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I was born to be a mother, just not today

For as long as I can remember, I've had names for my future children picked out. When I was very young, I told my mother that I wanted to have 16 kids! Of course, when I was 7, my mother became pregnant with my brother, and I got a little more formal of an education of pregnancy... at which point, I advised my mother I would adopt. Now my brother Ray, who was born right before I turned 8 might not agree so much that I was born to be a mother, considering when he was about 6 weeks old, I was holding him, and he started to spit up, at which time, I promptly tossed him in the air to my mother who was passing by with a laundry basket as I exlaimed "Here Mom, Catch!" - Thankfully, she caught him and I learned that little brothers are not footballs.

So you may wonder, at 30, how many children do I have? Well, I have a few furbabies (the herd) but none of the human variety. And that has been the intentional plan. You see, I love children, and I do plan to have some one day, it's just that... today isn't that day... and tomorrow isn't either. It's not that I don't think I could take care of one. If I were to wake up tomorrow a mom, I think I would manage just fine. But I'm not in a rush to start that portion of my life. I know what the challenges of motherhood can be, and I know one day, I'll be ready for that... but... (you guessed it) Not today.

When I was a freshman in high school, my mother announced that she was pregnant, and the following fall, they brought my baby brother home. I was 15. This time, as a teenager, I had a much more active role in the care of this little wiggly being. Due to unforseen family health emergencies, I actually wrapped up the last week or so of my sophomore year taking care of a 6 month old baby & an 8 year old child while going to school. Having a baby brother was fun, because babies are fun... but I also learned that waking up at 3 in the morning because a baby is crying... not so pleasant. And as the rest of my time at home went on, my baby brother got brought along to shopping trips & college computer labs & all sorts of things, because in my family, my parents worked, and everyone had responsibilities. And, looking back it was great, for many reasons, first & foremost, it was a great lesson in the responsibility of parenting...(hence, no kids now because I knew what came with those cute little babies). It also was a great opportunity for me to get to know my little brother. In fact, at 19 when I moved out on my own, 2 and 1/2 hours away from home... it was leaving that little booger that saddened me the most (I'm sure Trav would be mortified to know he's being referred to so fondly).

For these reasons, and many more, I know that motherhood is something that I want to experience first hand. However I also know that it is something that I can wait for. I'm encouraged, because I've recently ran across blogs from women who had children later in life, and some who did it by themselves by choice. I enjoy reading these women's stories because it's great to find other like minded women, who don't think it's odd that at 30 I am childless and am ok with it. I know one day, I will join their ranks... just not today :)

Some great giveaways

Life's hectic this week, so no giveaway from me... don't worry, I'll make up for it next week! But in the meantime... check out some of these blogs for great giveaways!

Light up the nights this fall. FrugalMommyof2 has an awesome Keystone Candle giveaway you should check out

AND she's also giving away some really cool Honeybee Makeup so you can look oh, so pretty in that candlelight!

You can really clean up if you check out Super Coupon Girl's Cleaning giveaway - she's got the products & the coupons to help you restock!

"Deal"ectible Mommies is helping you wage a battle on bathroom funk with her Scrubbing Bubbles giveaway! Check it out here

Frugal RI Mama is helping fund your "CVS'ing" with a $10 GC to CVS... are you just imagining the transactions in your head... lol

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Red Bull needed, just buy a pillow

Never underestimate the power of a good night's rest. And I am a firm believer that the bed should be a haven, it should be comfortable & inviting. For me, that means a my favorite down comforter (I use it year round, it's like sleeping in a cloud...)

I must be one of the pickiest people in the world when it comes to pillows... I have been wanting new pillows for my bed for awhile now, and every store I go into, if I make it to that part of the store, I am often sadly disappointed in the selection... I mean, how in the heck do people sleep on these things I keep finding...

So, this past Sunday, being completely oblivious to the Ike winds that were whipping through my town, I got the urge to head to the mall. Now I had decided to head to Macy's because they were doing a promotion... and my plan was to go buy some bakeware... as I have been needing to replace some of my existing pieces...

Getting there was quite an experience, the power had knocked out some traffic signals near the mall... OK... first... mall traffic here in Lex is a nightmare anyways... but it seems many drivers lose the ability to process the simplest of driving rules when the signals aren't working... but I digress...

Made it into Macy's, and luckily their power was on (it had been out earlier, I learned once I got there) and headed to the home section... I found some bakeware that I liked... but needed some "filler" because I had a coupon that was taking "x" dollars off my purchase, but I wanted my purchase to be "y" number of dollars, because Macy's was doing a promotion and for every "z" dollars you spent, you got back "q" dollars on your next purchase (I bet you didn't think you'd ever need algebra to read a blog, huh?!?!)

So as my roomie & I are wandering around the home section, we come across.... PILLOWS... and hey, it's a Sunday afternoon... there is housework to be done at home... the wind is knocking down trees & walls... so obviously this means... we must check out every pillow we can... and we proceed to do this... I don't wanna give away all the fun... but at one point... roomie actually laid down on the floor to check out how comfy one might be that we were contemplating...

However our efforts were rewarded... as we both found the "PERFECT" pillow... The pillow I got is "European Style" which is just a fancy way of saying it's square instead of rectangle. I made my purchases (bought bakeware too!) and headed home... and let me tell you, Sunday night when I finally crawled into bed, I realized I had found the perfect companion to my heavenly comforter... I slept divinely... cocooned in my bed, comforter up to my ears, head snugly resting on this lovely dream vessel.

And the following morning, while I didn't want to drag myself from this slumber, once up, I felt suprisingly well rested... all day... no energy drink required... makes me want to devote a whole day to it... there's just nothing like a good pillow & blankie...

Even Mollie would agree... as you can see from the pic, as she is snuggled under her own down blankie w/one of her many pillows throughout the house.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Saving Some is Lucky

Brandy over at Saving Some is the winner of the Lucky Mag giveaway! Check out her blog if you get a chance! Especially because she just announced a new giveaway... you're hearing about it here first... She's got Rachael Ray's 365 No Repeats Cookbook - you can go here to read about it!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting the most out of your dollars

Whether or not you "bargain shop" or clip coupons, most people still enjoy getting something for nothing. Everyone enjoys the perks that come unexpectedly. I highly recommend that if you want to make the most of your money, even if you don't want to put the effort into comparing sales prices or waiting for Black Friday, why not take advantage of the great offers that you may be passing up and not even realize it. What am I talking about? I'm talking about getting a bonus for the things you do on any given day anyways. Like paying your bills, grabbing a drink at work, putting gas in your car. I'm talking about rewards programs, loyalty cards, and the like. There are TONS of them out there, I'm just going to highlight a few that I'm familiar with.

First up... Banking Rewards. Many Banks now offer customers a "Points" program from Visa Extras, this used to be a program only available to credit card holders, but now, even a plain ol' banking customer can take advantage. For me, this is FREE MONEY... I mean, I have to spend money on rent, utilities, groceries, etc... so why not get something for doing it. At my bank, (National City) I earn points for just about everything I do with my account. And what has the payoff been? Let's see, I've paid for my hotel stays with Marriot Gift Cheques, I've used Circuit City Gift Cards to buy the latest gadget I want, I've used various restaurant gift cards to eat out without breaking my budget and lately, I've been redeeming for CVS Gift Cards (do you know how long I can make $10 last at CVS) - I've also taken the time to learn the in's & out's of their program, so I know how to maximize my earnings - And in fact, since April, I've earned $70 in various Gift Cards, so the payout isn't that bad or long to achieve

So what else can you get - Have you checked out programs like MyCokeRewards - you can go online (or text from your phone) the codes you get when you purchase products & redeem for all sorts of coupons or free merchandise.

Fuel Prices suck, but how about getting a loyalty card, such as Speedy Rewards, and you can earn some points - which you can redeem for gift cards, free food, or cents off the gallon at the pump.

Heck, even the cat litter I used to buy had a rewards program where you could earn points & get coupons! So what's my advice - you don't have to reinvent the wheel, but take a look at your daily habits and see who will reward you for being just good ol' you!

I is going back to school

So, it's official, I've started the process for going back to school. Now this is something I've tinkered with before... and been giving alot of thought to. My biggest dilemma has always been where/how/and for what. Meaning - at 30 years young, I have grown quite accustomed to the creature comforts that I am able to provide for myself, so the idea of not continuing to work in my typical setting isn't very practical, balancing a schedule of going to school, working, and having a life has seemed impossible. Where to go to school has been just as big of a question... I abhorred sitting in a classroom the first time around, add a few years and the life experience to me, and I can't see it being any more tolerable this time. So I started looking at alternative solutions, there are many. First you have specific trade schools, I'm not talking about going to school to be a diesel mechanic, but schools that offer more focused, practical classes, focusing on business, which I knew would be my focus... still I worried that I would spend time, energy, and money and be no better off, as many of these schools aren't as widely received. Then came thinking about online universities, which, to their credit, have became increasingly popular, and are becoming more & more recognized. Still, sometimes their setup is a bit different, and I want to ensure that my efforts wouldn't be futile.

So I finally did enough research to discover that a degree program that I've been bouncing around in my head for awhile, is actually being offered through an accredited university in my state, and I will be able to complete it 100% online! Woohoo! So I have began the process. I submitted my application, and sometime in October, should start the process of meeting with advisors, etc to determine what classes will transfer, what coursework I need, etc

So... what is it I'm seeking to do? Organizational Leadership... It's a Bachelor of Arts Degree - and is a rather broad based degree, it's also a bit newer than a traditional "Business Administration" degree (my previous major) - but after several years in a professional setting, I have come to realize is the perfect fit for me! My biggest question still outstanding, is I will first wrap up my Associate's degree (only need a few credit hours) and I need to determine if I will be doing that in Arts, Science, or Applied Science - as all of these would connect to my Bachelor degree. Perhaps meeting with an advisor will give me some more insight into that.

So, Organizational Leadership... are you curious to know more about it? I first heard the title a couple of years ago, and it sounded interesting, so I began reading up on it. This degree is rather diversified, it can be used in practically any industry. You can go here to read more about the degree.

So, I should begin classes in January of 2009 - My hope is that with some great budgeting, I'll actually be able to cut my full time job down a few hours while in school, so let's see how that goes.

Sometimes, one just ain't enough

Okay, so I couldn't fit all my deals into one picture... well, actually - I had alot of frozen foods, so I wanted to get them put up pretty quick! Stopped in at Meijer last night - there are still a few deals I need to go back for, because they were out, but suprisingly I was able to get most of what I wanted. Here's the "food" portion of what I picked up, not arranged to pretty, because I really wanted to get in in the freezer!

7 Green Giant Steamers - on sale $1 each - used $1 MFN coupon from Sunday = FREE
3 Land O Lakes Butters - on sale $1 each - used recent .50 MFN coupon = FREE
1 Michelina Pasta Frozen Meal - on sale $1 - was my 11th item in the 10/10 + 1 = FREE
4 Dannon Immunity Drinkable Yogurt 4 packs - on sale for $2 - used $1 from blinkie = $1 Each
1 Box Tofutti Cutie Ice Cream Sandwiches - on sale $2 - used $1.50 IP (
1 Box Ronzoni Smart Pasta - $1.69 - used recent $1 MFN = .69
2 Pillsbury Frozen Dinner Rolls - on sale $2 - used $1 IP ( = $1 Each
Then, let's take a look at the "non food" purchases:
4 Lysol Kitchen Cleaners - On sale $1.14 - less .50 MFN (doubled) = .14 each
13 Lysol Bathroom Cleaners - On sale $1.04 - less .50 MFN (doubled) = .04 each
5 Lysol Refills - On sale for $1.39 - less .50 MFN (doubled) = .39 each
10 Assorted Spay N Wash - On sale $1.14 - less .50 MFN (doubled) = .14 each
5 Electrasol Tab Packs - On sale $3 - less $2.25 MFN = .75 each
5 Lady's Speed Stick Deodorants - On sale $2 - less $1 MFN = $1 ea PLUS buy 5 get $5 back on your next transaction, made them FREE
Not too bad!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Take a chance

You can't win, if you don't play! Here are some other great blogs giving away some cool stuff:

Looking for something a little different that what you'll find at your local Walmart - Check out the Lulufish giveaway and you just might find what you're looking for!

Looking for a good read? Check out Laura's book giveaway She's giving away 2 copies of Saturdays with Stella, How My Dog Taught Me to Sit, Stay, and Come When God Calls ( I want to win this one myself, looks pretty good!)

Want to win a GC (gift card) to Sear's (which btw, can also be used at K-Mart!), check out Mom's by Heart - she is giving away a $5 card & a Homemade Simple coupon book - these are really handy

Want to save some time cleaning? "Deal"ectible Mommies can help you. Check out the blog on how to win a Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber!

Need to get a jump start on your latest home improvement? Frugal RI Mama can help with a $10 Lowe's GC - check it out!

Cheap is good, but Free is better! What could be better than FREE BREAD... Frugal in Virgina is giving away some coupons for FREE loaves of bread!

It will be all about you, when you win this free mani/pedi from A Day Spent, she's giving away a certificate for a free manicure or pedicure! Pampered toes are waiting....

You can never have too many purses, and Frugal Mommy of 2 is helping you out with a Purse-A-Nality giveaway! You'll get a cute pair, one for you & one for the little one!

So, if you're trying to budget, how about a cookbook that will help you??? Confessions of a Coupon Junkie can help you out, she's giving away a book full of $5 recipes & coupons to help you pick up those items!!!

What are you waiting for???? ENTER!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Tuesday, which means movie review

Okay, so last night was Free Movie Rental from REDBOX rentals. Lately we seem to have been on a pretty disappointing streak of movies... last night was no exception...

Picked up "The Morgue" because not much else looked appealing either... and well... this is one you can pass on... the only thing I did like, was at the end, there was a bit of an explanation to some of the events... but all in all... this is the perfect movie to put you to sleep... There's not alot of dialogue in many parts of it, and not much action either...

I don't even know much to write to complain about, other than, save your code, get a different movie!

I need a 30 hour day

I've decided that a mere 24 hour day just isn't enough... I'm getting too old to try to squeeze it all in. There was a time when I could squeeze in an hour of sleep & be good to go... but not these days... Of course the dilemma being, I'm tired when I need to be awake, and awake when I need to be tired, being an insomniac from way back (lol)

I'm trying to figure out how I used to do it, how did I get everything accomplished and still have time to do nothing? Because now, life just seems to be one giant juggling act... Granted I'm not working 60 hours a week at my full time job anymore (THANK GOD!) But still... I've noticed that I keep putting things off, and then thinking I'll catch up on the weekend, and then I come to realize that my list for the weekend is astronomical... and all I want to do is sit down on the couch and watch CSI:Miami reruns, lol!

I guess I am going to have to figure all this out, I'm starting back to school in January, so I'll be adding one more ball to juggle... It could be worse I guess!

*CONTEST CLOSED*This week's giveaway, feeling Lucky???

Are you feeling Lucky? Here's what I've got up for grabs this week. A paid 1 year subscription to Lucky magazine. For those of you who aren't familiar with the mag, click on the link & you can learn more. It is a transferable paid subscription card, so could be the perfect gift for a shopaholic or fashion diva! And, since Lucky mag is all about "trying the trend" I'm going to throw in a trend sample for you to try as well. You will also win a sample of "In a Wink" Eyeshadow Sheets from Avon.

How can you enter? Well, I'll give you a few entry opportunities:

#1 - Leave me a comment, letting me know which other post(s) on my blog you like (yep... this is a "reader" giveaway)

#2 - Subscribe to my blog (leave me a comment letting me know), I'm trying to gain readership! (If you're already a subscriber, let me know in a separate comment)

#3 - Spread the love, share my blog (with link of course) on your blog, message board, social networking site, etc (leave me a comment linking me to it)

That's it - Drawing ends Sunday at Midnight!

Yay! I won a Sears Card

I just won a Sears GC (Gift Card) from Z over at Deals - R - Us

You should check out her blog, it has an assortment of the net's best deals & specials!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ok, a deal that just couldn't be passed up

K-Mart started a sale today, it's through Sunday I believe.... They are doubling coupons - up to a $2 coupon (you'd get $4) - There are a couple catches, you can only have 4 identical coupon(s)/item(s) , you won't get overage, they aren't accepting internet coupons & only 75 coupons per person per day. However... there are plenty of great deals to be had... I didn't get a chance to go until after work, so there were a few things I were looking for that had been cleaned out... but still I spent about $30 oop (Out Of Pocket). I had 2 transactions (and a great roomie who stopped by to help me check out in 2 separate transactions)

Transaction #1:
1 Dove Cream Oil Hand Cream $3.99 (less $1.50 coupon doubled to $3 = $ .99)
2 Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion $4.19 (less $1.50 coupon doubled to $3 = $1.19 X 2)
1 Jane Mineral Eye Liner $3.99 (less $2 coupon doubled to $3.99 = FREE)
1 Got2B Styltini Mouse $4.49 (less $2 coupon doubled to $4 = $ .49)
2 Visine Contact Drops $3.99 (less $2 coupon doubled to $3.99 = FREE X 2)
3 Sunsilk Hair Spray $3.89 (less $1.50 coupon doubled to $3 = $ .89 X 3)
1 Sunsilk Creme $3 (less $1 coupon doubled to $2 = $1)
2 Pantene Expressions Shampoo $4.50 (less $2 coupon doubled to $4 = $ .50 x 2)
2 Pantene Expressions Conditioners $4.50 (less $2 coupon doubled to $4 = $ .50 x 2)
4 Pantene Hair Spray $4.29 (less Buy Shampoo/Conditioner Get Free Product = FREE x 4)
2 St Joseph Aspirin $2.39 (less $1 coupon doubled to $2 = $ .29 x 2)
1 Maalox Chewables $3.99 (less $2 coupon doubled to $3.99)
4 Tums Smoothies $1.89 (less $1 coupon doubled to $1.89 = FREE x 4)
1 Rolaids 3 Pack $1.79 (less $1 coupon doubled to $1.79 = FREE)
2 Pepcid AC $4.99 (less $2 coupon doubled to $4 = $ .99 x 2)

Grand Total $18.89 w/ Total Savings of $102.48

Transaction #2
4 Ban Deodorant $2 (less $1 coupon doubled to $2 = FREE x 4)
1 Miralax $7.59 (less $2 coupon doubled to $4 = $3.59)
2 Edge Shaving Gel $2.50 (less $ .75 coupon doubled to $1.50 = $1 x 2)
4 Sunsilk Conditioners $3 (less $1.50 coupon doubled to $3 = FREE x 4)
3 Pantene Expressions Shampoo $4.50 (less $2 coupon doubled to $4 = $ .50 x 3)
3 Pantene Hair Spray $4.29 (less Buy Shampoo/Conditioner Get Free Product = FREE x 3)
1 8 Pack Scott Paper Towels $5 (less $1 coupon doubled to $2 = $3)

Grand Total $13.73 w/ Total Savings of $64.98

Total for Merchandise $200.08 - Total OOP $32.62 = almost 84% Savings!!!

There were some other great deals I passed on, and if your store has some other things in stock, plenty of other FREE items you could pick up with the right coupons...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... tonight while flipping through one of my online photo books I ran into this pick and it made me smile... I don't know if a thousand words could even describe it... Now I'm not talking about the obvious, make you laugh, aspect of this pic... More about the times that this picture represents. This picture was taken a few years ago, and the two individuals who are fondly referred to as "Beckster" & "Gish" were on the team that I managed. No, this isn't how they came to work everyday, this was their Halloween costume, "Drew & Mimi"
This pic is kind of a snapshot of history, just a moment in time, and it was a great place. I've had the opportunity to work with many people in my years of managing people, but the team that these people are a part of, will forever stick in my mind. They were an amazing bunch, a little trying at times, but then again, I wasn't exactly a "cookie cutter" supervisor either - they complimented me well. From this team has sprang many new leaders, both in that company and beyond and I have formed lasting bonds with many of them, that I still have, though I haven't shared building space with them for over a year.

This is not saying that things aren't great now, in fact, quite the opposite, I just was browsing through my past and wanted to pay hommage to a moment in time, to an amazing cast that once shared the stage of life with me (now that sounds philosphical... or cheesy, not sure which!)

To any of my "Swiveler's" out there who may run across this - Know this - It was my privilege and my honor to have been a part of what we created, from "Beula" to "Cube Ball", from marathon days to dancing in the parking lot. I hope that even when you thought I was being difficult, you can now understand, it was because I know you'd get through it much wiser. I hope that you were able to learn as much from me, as I from you... and lastly... Be Good OR Be Gone!

Awareness & Action

What exactly is psoriasis? Let's start with what it's not. It is not contagious and it is not just a skin disease. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the immune system. The exact cause is unknown; however, researchers believe that heredity, environment, and the immune system may also play a role in psoriasis. According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as 7.5 million Americans have psoriasis. About 10 percent to 30 percent of people with psoriasis also develop psoriatic [sore-ee-AA-tic] arthritis, which causes pain, stiffness and swelling in and around the joints.

But for millions of Americans, psoriasis is a daily impediment, one that dramatically and negatively impacts their quality of life. For many, it is debilitating. A National Institute of Mental Health-sponsored study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that "Patients with psoriasis reported reduction in physical functioning and mental functioning comparable to that seen in cancer, arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and depression." Psoriasis hurts. Psoriasis itches. Some people have extensive coverage—on their arms, legs, trunk, face, and/or genitals

But what is striking and even less well known is how devastating psoriasis can be emotionally and psychologically. It is not just a disease that harms the body. Psoriasis patients have a higher incidence of depression, and even of suicidal thoughts. The visible nature of psoriasis exacerbates its interference with intimacy and one’s sense of self. Self-esteem can take a hit

So what's going on in the community?

Between 1995-2005, as the federal government DOUBLED research funding for other diseases, psoriasis research funding FELL. It is finally rising, but psoriasis research is still $40 MILLION short of where it would be had it been treated fairly since 1995. You can click here to write to Congress in support of funding & research.

If you have a child with Psoriasis, you can go here to receive back to school resources that includes: a fact sheet on children's psoriasis that parents can print off the internet and deliver to their child's school teacher; and a podcast interview with a leading pediatric dermatologist discussing how to treat psoriasis in children and how to help them cope with it.

Short Sleve day is coming! September 12-14 -You can go here to get all the info

Coupon Give away # 4

This is my last & by far biggest coupon giveaway - I didn't take the time to count, but I'm guessing around 200 or so coupons - all future dated, variety of products (Cheerios, Cleaning Products, Hot Dogs, you name it) Basically my own coupon organizing system was exploding, and currently my kitchen cabinets/garage/closets are exploding with surplus so I had to realistically look through my coupons and decide that there were plenty that I wasn't going to be needing to use anytime soon.

So there are a few ways you can get entries into this contest.

#1 Leave a comment (don't forget to include a way to contact you)
#2 Subscribe to my blog (leave a comment after you subscribe)
#3 Spread the word (leave a blurb on your blog/forum/etc and then leave me a comment w/ a link to that)

I'll select a random person on Sunday morning!

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Coupon Give away # 3

There are no ankle biters in my household, and while I have found that with my couponing, I do buy some off the wall products (such as my huge inventory of prep H wipes because they were a money maker @ Walgreens recently) I've never put any time into strategizing diaper purchases. So I'm handing over all my diaper coupons - assorted brands, assorted varieties - it's a pretty good stack.

I'll close this drawing out over the weekend (Sunday morning) If you are interested in entering, leave me a comment (include a way to reach you) and tell me your most off the wall purchase you've made with coupons.

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Coupon Give away #2

This give away is for those of you with four legged friends. I have a small stash (maybe 20) of pet coupons - the majority of these coupons are for IAMS or ALPO (my little dog doesn't eat either) w/ a couple of a Tidy Cat Breeze coupons thrown in for good measure (my cats weren't so fond of this new fangled litter box, but it seems like a good concept for those of you out there using it).

If you are interested in this give away, leave a comment on this blog and tell me a little about your furbaby. (don't forget to leave a way to contact yourself) I'll randomly select the winner on Sunday

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Coupon Give Away #1

I recently cleaned out my coupon organizer(s) and pulled out all of my expired(ing) coupons - The stores in my area do not take expired coupons but I know that many of you are still able to use them, so I wanted to pass them along. I have over 100 coupons that have just expired, (a handful of them expire this week) Many .50 value, several BOGO. Because these are expired, this will be a short give away, I'll randomly select a name tomorrow (Thursday 9.4.08). In order to enter this drawing - just leave me a comment on this blog & be sure to include a way to contact you!

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Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yes, I'm still here

So, I haven't had a chance to post much lately. There have been a few things going on. I have taken advantage of some great deals, I'll try to post them later. I've also enjoyed the wonderful Labor Day weekend, it was great to get an extra day of time off!

Please keep my family in your thoughts, last week my stepfather had to have surgery to have a melanoma removed from his back. We are hoping for a good recovery & good news from the doctor.