Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's not over... but it's different

So, in creating my blog, I made a pretty bold statement. "It's not over after 30" And I do believe that statement wholeheartedly. I guess I forgot to give my foot that memo. About 2 years ago, being the completely put together and graceful person that I am, while attempting to be a good samaritan, I fell... not once... but twice in a matter of 60 seconds (yes, I know... this takes talent). This resulted in a very scratched cell phone, a wounded ego and unfortunately... a sprained ankle, dislocated kneecap and a broke foot! I spent months in tennis shoes (which was fate's little fashion torture for me) and made a full recovery... well as full as one can expect. Once you break something, it's never quite right.

My most recent affliction began about a month ago...I noticed that I was having some heel pain... which I have had from time to time, but this time... it just didn't go away... and there were times when the pain was excruciating... I kept thinking it would go away... (because you know that simply wishing away something is very effective, lol) but alas, last week my foot called my bluff and I was forced to bite the bullet... and call the doctor. Not just any doctor... nope, my 30 yr old foot was making me drag it to the podiatrist...

Now I'm not knocking these doctors... it's just when you walk in, and you see the display of "orthopedic shoes" you have to wonder if someone will be lurking behind the door ready to put on your medic alert bracelet and give you a Geritol chaser.

So, after a brief prodding & series of X-Rays to rule anything else out... Dr Po (as in POdiatrist) concludes that it's Plantar Facaiitis and then gives a scornful look over in the direction of my comfy Curve sandals... I guess from his tone, that "Extremely High Arches" are not as cool as they sound and am slightly disappointed when he gently points out, that I do need to remember that as we age, we have to start taking better care of ourselves and realize that we can no longer be as carefree... In short - I gather from him that 30yr olds should not be waltzing around barefoot nearly as much as I enjoy!

So I leave the doctor armed with a prescription (thinking to myself... hmmm which pharmacy can I get a GC from?), an arch binder (big ol' piece of elastic, suprisingly comfy) and a pair of inserts... feeling like Sophia from Golden Girls... and as I leave the doctor's office, I faintly hear the "flip-flop" of my youth staying behind...

I am sticking to my guns... it's not over... but it's different... and that's not always a bad thing... and at least I have my memories (for now!)

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