Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coupon Give away # 3

There are no ankle biters in my household, and while I have found that with my couponing, I do buy some off the wall products (such as my huge inventory of prep H wipes because they were a money maker @ Walgreens recently) I've never put any time into strategizing diaper purchases. So I'm handing over all my diaper coupons - assorted brands, assorted varieties - it's a pretty good stack.

I'll close this drawing out over the weekend (Sunday morning) If you are interested in entering, leave me a comment (include a way to reach you) and tell me your most off the wall purchase you've made with coupons.

Interested in my other give aways (I've got 4 this week!) Just check out the rest of my blog!


Kelli said...

I felt pretty funny buying lots of Depends disposable undergarments awhile back, but was making about $1 apiece so I couldn't turn it down! Luckily, I was able to donate them to others who had a need for the items. Cute contest, thanks for the opportunity!

pckrfan at

Nanci said...

I bought alot of Anti-Money Butt Powder (I had no idea what it was) awhile back at RiteAid, but I made money on them so I couldn't resist. Thanks for the giveaway.