Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's not easy being pink

anyone else out there reading this a "Rosacea-ian" like me? If so, curious what your current treatment is? I've been taking tetracycline for a couple years, but recently my derm switched me to Solodyn, it seems to work about the same, don't have to take it as often - of course it's more expensive... I got an instant rebate card for the first 3 refills - so I'm only paying $10 a pop, but w/out insurance it would be almost $600 a month for a bottle!!!!
Mine is pretty much under control, provided I time my dosings right, if i get that screwed up though, I flare... but my nose is still so pink... my derm has advised I'll need to do laser to correct it, since it hasn't faded on my own. Weird thing is, I've had this for years, and still can't pinpoint my triggers... I avoid the sun, because I know that is one, but alot of the normal triggers aren't affecting me, but then out of nowhere, I'll flush for no apparent reason... anyone else out there like that? Just curious...

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