Monday, August 18, 2008

I can save more $ before 8 am than most people do all day!

LOL, ok... serioulsy... Over the years, I have learned that in the city I live in, for certain stores, if you want to take advantage of a great sale, you have to be there BEFORE it starts...

This is true for Meijer more than any other place... I can remember a few times over, when I was really low on cash and needed to stretch my $$$ - I would be there on a Saturday, for their "super saturday sale" at least an hour before it started, and would go ahead and put all the items in the cart, and wait until the sale started to check out.

So this Sunday was another one of those, I had some good coupons for the nutra air products, but knew they would go fast... So I was there, at 6:30 in the morning. I bought:

Tidy Cat Breeze Litterbox System - On Sale 25% off AND I had a $10 coupon!
4 Lysol Nutra Air Starter kits - On sale 50% off AND I had a $5 coupon for each!
2 Airwick Mini's - On sale 50% off AND I had a $4 & $3 coupon
4 Boxes of Assorted Eggos - On sale $1.15 a box AND I had coupons for $1 off each 2

Grand total for my shopping trip was $27 - which may seem like alot, but is less than the cost of the litter box system normally!
Afterwards, I stopped and picked up a couple extra papers, hit Spaldings, a local bakery that is simply amazing, and luckily wasn't lined around the block - and was home - before 8AM

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