Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Practically Free Movies from Blockbuster!

I ran across this at Click here to read the full post

So, Blockbuster is giving you a $10 Credit on $10 or more purchase. You don't have to be a member of Blockbuster Online to qualify. You just visit their website, and click on "Buy" - and pick out the movies you want, and when you check out, you can apply the promotional code. You don't see the actual discount until after you've entered your billing info, etc... but you will be able to verify that it was taken off before you process your card. Now you may wonder about shipping charges... as long as you are purchasing previously rented DVD's, shipping is free!

I got 3 movies:

The Omen (the 2006 remake) for 3.99
The Messeners for 3.99
Starsky and Hutch for 4.49

after tax and discount, I paid just $2.62 for my movies!

So... how do you get them, just use this promo code "augappreciation"

The offer is supposed to be good for the month of August, but I'd go early, these sometimes get pulled.

Let me know what you buy!


Christy said...

Ok, so I finally got around to it!
I got Dead Silence, The Ring 2 and When a Stranger Calls for 3.99 each and my total ended up being 82 cents. Thanks!

MJ said...

woohoo! I haven't seen Dead Silence, I might come borrow :)