Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why pay more?

I'm not certain how I got into bargain shopping, but I've been doing it my entire adult life. Sometimes I've been more dilligent about it than others. Over the years I have honed my "skills" and now, with the resources available online... it makes it so much easier.

Some people think it's pointless, they don't want to deal with coupons. Taking a look at it practically, I go into a store, and with a handful of paper scraps, I walk out with the same amount of items as the next person, or more in some cases, and my costs are significantly less. I read a blog from Crystal on Moneysavingmom awhile back, and it summarized it best. She said sometimes people, seeing her, with her stack of coupons, comment that she must really love coupons, and she always responds that actually, she really loves her money. This is true for me too. I can easily make my money go much further, just by being an informed consumer.

So, if you are interested in this sorta thing, and want to know where to start (because it can seem overwhelming to a newbie) - these are a few places I recommend getting started: - This is like Bargain Shopping 101 - Various articles about getting the most out of life - Lots of free sample & coupon offers

I could go on and on, I'll add items regularly, but this is a good start

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