Monday, March 23, 2009

Some deals around town

Here's a couple of my favorite deals I've spotted recently:

I'm a greeting card person, I love them. I stopped in Meijer this weekend, and as I walked through the card section, I noticed some coupon tearpads. Meijer has a coupon for $2 off when you buy 3 American Greetings cards. They also have an assortment of cards for just $.99 each. That means you get 3 cards for $1 - The coupon is good through April 12th

I just happen to LOVE the new Cherry Diet Dr Pepper. Kroger has a sale right now, you buy 2 - 12 packs of any Dr Pepper and you get one free. Which makes them $2.34 each... not a bad deal. However, if you've already been buying Dr Pepper (or if you want to repeat this transaction) many of the 12 packs are advertising a $1 coupon inside. If you use 3 of these (because you are purchasing 3 12 packs) you can get the 3 - 12 packs for just $4 or $1.33 each

( I can see the mountain of Dr Pepper I shall be constructing, lol)


Anonymous said...

Great finds- too bad we don't have a Kroger near by my hubby just love Dr. Pepper!

Jessica said...

I saw this in the ad too. Luckily I have 3 coupons! It's totally on my Kroger shopping list! :) Hope you liked the cookies.