Thursday, October 9, 2008

Free Chocolate & Cheap Fiber

Ok, so I haven't posted a deal in a while, not that I haven't been getting them. In some cases, by the time I make it home, I haven't felt like taking a picture. In other cases, I have actually managed to take a picture, but just not managed to get the picture online... Busy, Busy, Busy...

However, I thought I would share my quick trip to Walgreens last night. Yesterday I was on a mission, I had $10.50 in RR that were set to expire, and this was my first chance to make it into Walgreens this week. After working all day, and the heading with my roomie to the Sprint store for what seemed like an eternity, I finally made it to Walgreens... I was on the opposite side of town, and had actually not been in this "new" Walgreen before. Sadly some of the deals I had planned weren't in stock... so I had to improvise & make due. There wasn't anything I actually neeeded anyways. But I did manage to get paid a quarter to get some chocolate!

Here's what I picked up:

2 Benefiber 16 pack Kiwi Strawberry @ 7.99 ea
2 Dial Yogurt Hand Soaps @ 2 for $3
2 Lindt Chocolate Bars @ 2.49 ea
2 Individual Packs Peanut Butter M&M's @ 2 for $1
4 Reese Pumpkins @ 2 for $1
1 Nivea's Men Body Wash @ 4.99
The total came to about $33
I used:
(2) $2 MFN Benefiber Sticks from recent insert AND the WAG ESC for $5 (multiplied x 2) - Making the Benefiber just .99 a box
(1) BOGO Catalina for Dial Yogurt Hand Soap = $1.50 for both
(1) BOGO MFN Lindt from last Sunday's insert, (1) $0.75 MFN Lindt from last Sunday's insert, AND the WAG ESC for $1 (multiplied x 2) - Making the Lindt completely free, plus netting me a quarter in OVERAGE!
Then I used my $3, $3, and $4.50 RR ( I threw all the candy in as filler to equal out to my coupons, who can go wrong with candy!)
Total after coupons: $2.63 AND on top of that, the Men's Nivea Body Wash is one of the secret rebate items this month, so I will get back $5.48 back for it ($4.99 + 10%) which means I actually made a profit! Not bad for a quick deal & a very tired shopper.


nancijin said...

love lindt chocolate but for the life of me cant find the coupons, please tell me date and name of flyer so I can score some chocolate too!

MJ said...

It was in the SmartSource insert, but it must have been regional, I buy 3 different papers and it wasn't in all of them

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I just Love your blog !! You are awesome using coupons