Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Try it Tuesday

Ok, so I've decided to introduce a new segment into my blog. "Try it Tuesday" Each Tuesday, I will be sharing my results of trying something new, it could be a new food, a new recipe, heck if I have a slow week, maybe a new way home from work!

And my first "Try" is Snyder's Multigrain Aged Cheddar Cheese Puffs. Or Cheezy Poofs as I shall now refer to them. So, how did I select this product? Well, after careful market research and hundreds of hours in the lab... OK... back to reality... Sunday, I was grocery shopping, looking for a "Chip Product" to go in my lunches... and these caught my eye. Why did they catch my eye?
#1 Cheezy Poofs are GOOD!
#2 They were on S-A-L-E
#3 MULTIGRAIN in big ol' letters across the top required closer inspection
#4 There was a blurb about FIBER on the front too

So, I paused, and after taking a glance at the bag, decided that these would be a better option for me than the Wavy Lays Ranch chips I had just placed in my cart.

Now, they have 2 grams of Fiber in a serving, which isn't the greatest number, but does rank higher than my potato chips, and I'm a FIBER junkie, so I thought that combined with Whole Grain sounded like a better option.

I broght these for lunch today. And I must report they are YUMMY. To be completely honest, no, they aren't exactly like eating my usual fav, Cheetos Cheese Puffs. However, they have a great Cheddar Flavor and the whole grain adds an interesting crunch. And I don't feel quite so guilty eating them. I checked out their website, Snyder's has an entire line of Whole Grain snacks, including White Cheddar Cheezy Poofs... which are sounding very yummy!!!!

That's it for this installment, check back with me next week, for my next venture... I'll be giving the scoop on one of the goods from my shopping trip to LUSH today.

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