Monday, October 13, 2008

Some great weekend savings

I set a goal for Sunday, and am quite happy to say it is was about 90% accomplished... I am pleased considering in recent weeks it would have been scored a big fat 0% - So, what was my goal? To get all my shopping for this week finished on Sunday. Why?

#1 I work a full time job during the week
#2 I have my part time sales gig during the week
#3 I end up missing good sales if I don't go early in the week, because all the items are gone
#4 By the time Saturday comes around, I've usually got so many things on my "to do" list, that I end up up chucking some of the deals that I want to do
Basically, recently, I haven't been getting to the store on Sunday, and then am stuck running after work in the evenings, which then just seems to be a huge time sucker, because I usually would go home, realize something was needed and then go back out, before I knew it, the entire evening was wasted.

So this weekend, with the exception of a couple of small items I will need to pick up on the way home from work (which won't be a huge time constraint) I'm finished. I do still need to go to CVS & Walgreens this week, but planned on doing that during lunch, there weren't any spectacular deals I saw that I really needed. Below is what I picked up:

At Rite Aid: I spent $23 HOWEVER, with the exception of the All-Bran Fiber waters ($3.49) everything in the picture is FAR (free after rebate)

I don't have my receipt with me, so I can't remember all the specific pricing. You can view your circular at and check out the HUGE list of FAR items this week. I bought Theraflu, Lizard Lips Lip Balm, Lypsyl Lip Balm, Soft Lips Lip Balm, Excederin Tension Headache Express Gels, & Bee M.D. throat drops.
Next at Meijer (I have 2 pics, couldn't get it all on the freezer for one pic):

I won't bullet out every single item (if you see something that I don't mention & wanna know the price, just ask, I'll let you know if it was a deal or a "I just want") I spent around $50 at Meijer for everything you see, whic is not bad, considering I bought laundry supplies, etc

Best deals:
Orville Redenbacher Natural Popcorn (3 Ct full bag or 4 Ct Mini) on sale half price $1.59 minus a $1 MFN from recent inserts = $.59 a box (I bought 5!)
ChexMix $1.25 a bag minus $.50 MFN from recent inserts (doubled) = $.25 a bag (I bought 4!)
Dole Salads B1G1 @ 2.79 ea minus $1 coupon ea (in store complimentary mag, look for the recipe stand, it's located there) = $.79 for 2 bags of salad

Betty Crocker Instant Potato Packets, Reg Price $.89 minus $.40 MFN coupon (doubled) = $.09 each (I bought 4!)

Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup on sale 10 for $6, I bought 4 and combined with a $.40 /4 MFN (doubled) making it $.40 a can

Spaghetti O's (I usually don't buy, but this was a great deal) 6 for $3, there was a $.40/2 MFN (doubled) making them just $.10 a can!

Campbells Soup at Hand & Microwavable Soups $1 each, used a $.50/2 MFN (doubled) making them $.50 each

Some other quick deals

V8 Soup is on sale for $2 minus a $1 MFN = $1 ea
Tide 20 Loads $4.99 minus a $1 MFN = $3.99 ea
Apples $2.69 for a quarter peck bag (I can fit a TON in that bag)
Prego Sauce on sale $1.67, minus $.50/2 MFN (doubled) = $1.33 ea
Green Giant Frozen Veggies (small box or Steamers) $1 each, combine w/ the $1 off Steamer or $.50/2 Boxes (doubled) = Free Or $.50 each

On to Kroger: Total $1.08 (Used $16 in Glade Rewards)
Noteworthy purchases:
Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Bread is B1G1 ($2.29)
Oreda Steamers $2 Sale (Use $1 MFN) = $1 each
Well that's all folks. With the exception of some soymilk & cat food, I am through shopping for the week (some of these items obviously carry over into other weeks too!)

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