Monday, January 12, 2009

making my way back into my blog

So, I've been a tad bit incognito online as of late. I guess a combination of the holidays, getting ready for school, my job ending and life in general just really messed with my routine. I'm still trying to sort out a new routine for myself, and have been meaning to blog, heck I've even drafted up a couple blogs, but each time I abandoned without finishing.

This time I'm just going to dive right in, ramble on for a few minutes and call it a day. At least you'll know what's going on in my world!

So the holidays were great here, a bit chaotic, many of my best laid plans didn't get accomplished, but in the end, joyous times were spent with friends and family. That's really all I could ask for!

So I'm not working now. My contract ended a tad bit prematurely, on Dec 19th. It was somewhat expected, somewhat unexpected. I was originally supposed to depart sometime in Nov, then it was extended until the end of Dec, then it was extended until the end of Feb, then I found out I was going to be off for 2 weeks at Christmas, and then finally, due to economic tightening, the contract was ended as of the Christmas break. I was already planning on being through with that contract in February, so I was somewhat prepared, it did suck however that I had to join the ranks of the unemployed quicker than I expected.

I mentioned a couple months ago that I was headed back to school this semester. I am pleased to report that I am officially back in school. Today was Day 1 for me of the new semester. I don't remember all the pre-start stuff (getting books, getting registered, etc...) being as cumbersome the first time around, then again, I'm a few (alright more than a few) years older this time around.

I'm taking 3 classes & a lab. I have an Economics class, a Comparitive Religion class, a Bio class and a Bio lab. Thankfully I am able to complete all classes online. Tricky part being, I have to hold myself accountable for actually doing everything. There is no daily class schedule. I do have assignments due, etc on weekly/monthly basis... Now I just have to be the adult and get them turned in!

My biggest struggle is trying to get a routine down, not just for school, but for life in general. Not working makes it weird. I have plenty of time, yet I feel I have no time at all. Trying to figure out what time to get up, a normal eating schedule - so that I'm not just constantly snacking, etc. This is the tricky part. I do appreciate that I can hang out in my pj's all day though.

Well I think I'm going to wrap this one up for now. I will be back on later today or tomorrow, as I get back into the regular routine of blogging!

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Natalie said...

I know I had no routine what so ever the days I was off for the holidays. I bet it is hard to set one when you are not working. I would end up lying around all day in my pjs. Has the moisturizer come in yet? I am almost out of the sample that you gave me. I am liking the products so far. My skin has cleared up quite a bit.