Monday, January 19, 2009

The monster in my house

There is a monster in my house. As a child, we sometimes are afraid of the monster in the closet or under the bed. Thankfully, I am not afraid of this monster, in fact, I'm quite smitten with her. She's a monster none the less. I willingly allowed this monster into my house.

This monster comes in the form of a 5 and a half month old puppy, named Zali. Have you seen the movie "Marley & Me" yet? This is Zali... and while I'm happy that she won't age at the speed of a 2 hour movie... I wouldn't mind getting past this puppy phase.

Being a puppy means that Zali is into anything and EVERYTHING she can get het little teeth on. And she is suprisingly swift when your back is turned. I have had not one, but 2 planners devoured... and with the second one, I do mean DEVOURED.

She has managed to climb into laundry shelves, and ate laundry pre treater! Just last week... I made the mistake of thinking my coupon binder was out of her reach... TWICE in one day! The second time did it in... and now I've got a few hours to spend putting together all the little slips of paper I came home to find spread across the living room floor. Suprisingly, she didn't eat the coupons... just the binder!

Saturday morning, when my roomie & I came downstairs, Kev discovered that he had forgot and left his cell phone on the couch... That morning, when he let her out, he left her downstairs to catch a little more sleep. She decided to start making phone calls! Luckily his phone only had a couple small scratches to the back.

Yesterday, I had the misfortune of leaving my cell phone down... and she managed to get her teeth on it. I do admit I become a bigger fan of my phone everyday... she actually chewed the back off the phone and it still works! Luckily I have a replacement back!

For all the terror that she brings to the house, she also brings joy. She is so loving and affectionate that you can't hold a grudge long. Sometimes, she gets herself into something she can't get out of. Below is a prime example. Friday evening, we were in the living room watching tv, and I suddenly realized that I hadn't heard from her in a bit. I wandered into the kitchen and found her with her head stuck in a Pepsi box. She wasn't moving... just standing there... I think she was freaked out. So I did what any pet parent would do... I quickly called Kev to come see... and then we grabbed the camera to take a picture... then rescued her!

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